Monday, March 27, 2017

Purple Day

Yesterday we did Purple day at church and we had so much fun!  For the kids I told the story of Lydia and her conversion and we also learned why purple cloth was so expensive and how they made it. 
For our Bible review game we cut pieces of paper that said candy or purple on them and stuck them in balloons and blew them up.  If the kids answered a question correctly they received a balloon and got to pop it and receive either a piece of candy or an item off the purple table.  They loved this and it was quite hilarious watching them try to pop the balloons.  In all the fun, frenzy and mayhem of popping the balloons I didn't get any pictures of the game! 
Everyone was so creative for our purple fellowship.  These sweet potatoes were so purple!  We had purple cakes, purple coleslaw, purple jello, purple deviled eggs, purple rolls, purple meatballs and so much more.  It was all sooooo good!
This month we gave a purple basket filled with purple things to the person who brought the most people to church for the month of March and a teenager won it!  She was so excited to win this basket of goodies!

Of course everyone in the church dressed up in purple and everyone looked so nice!  This was favorite picture of my favorite little people.  Baby girl is my MiniMe in so many ways.  Not only does she look exactly like my baby pics but she is so serious!  I really think she is gong to be just like me and silly crazy people are going to drive her nuts!
April is Blessing Month and we are excited for everything we have planned for it, as we testify of all the blessings God has showered on us and also find ways to bless the people in our church and those around us! 


  1. You are so creative. Do you a different theme every month?

    1. Yes we do try to have something special this month. This month is blessing month, next month is bubble Sunday, and after that we have water day, animal day and so on. We have the whole year planned out in advance so we can keep our eyes out for prizes that fit our theme and we try to get people really excited and inviting guests to church!