Sunday, January 8, 2017

Nuggets of Truth

Today was National English Toffee Day!

Everyone thought it was so neat to get a Heath Bar and thought the idea of getting something each Sunday is going to be fun.  Pastor Mason was a little upset with me because I forgot to give him one, but I left the box with the leftover bars in his office to make up for it!

This little sweetie turned two days old today!  I loved cuddling her during Sunday School and was totally in love as she watched me intensely as I talked to her!  We took her with us as we went couponing today and everyone thought she was adorable!  Two things you can't start teaching too young, being faithful to God's house and couponing!
While we were out couponing I met a sweet lady named Karen.  I asked her how her church services were and she said great.  She then shared with me about how she tends the nursery at her church.  Very few churches in her denomination actually run a nursery so I was fascinated as she told me about how her mother-in-law had run the nursery faithfully for the last 40 years.  Her mother-in-law then passed the nursery to her when she could no longer do it.  The kids love her and you could tell that she truly loved them as she talked about them!  I really loved talking with her and gave her my card to call me so we could talk more.
I have gotten such nuggets of truth out God's Word today!  This morning I read and studied Romans 6-8 on the flesh versus the spirit as I get ready for my Ladies G.A.B. time devotion on Tuesday.  I am so glad that Paul shared how he struggled with this as everyone of us do too!  This afternoon as I was studying Romans 12, I got stuck on "by the mercies of God".  I really looked into this phrase wondering how and why it was being used and what it really meant. 
 "the mercies of God" - Because God justified me by His grace - Because He enables me to live a righteous life - Because I'm adopted in Jesus Christ and find my identity through Him - Because God has set me under grace and not the law - Because of the gift of the Holy Spirit indwelling in me - Because He helps me in all afflictions  Because I am confident that nothing can separate me from the love of God - Because  of His faithfulness, it is by the mercies of God that I can do what the rest of the verse says.  I can present my body as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable unto God.  Through the mercies of God, he gives me all power to live a life well pleasing to Him.  I can not do it on my own but only by Him and His mercies.  Such meat to think on as I head to bed after another busy day!  The thought on my mind as I go to bed, because I want it to be my first thought when I wake up is this....
"Lord how can I bring you glory today?" 
We will see what tomorrow has in store.......



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