Thursday, October 13, 2016

Writing Out Jonah

Our Wednesday Night Bible Adventures, "Hey Jonah",
 has been amazing so far!   The kids (and me) are learning so much 
as we dig deep and apply each verse to our lives. Each week we add pictures to our wall and then review them every week.

This year, each of the kids made Jonah books. 
I found little craft notebooks in the kids crafts at Hobby Lobby and everyone spells out the title "Jonah" at the top and their names at the bottom.  We then added whale stickers, and I think turned out so cute!

Each week after story time, we then write out the verses we studied in class.   Did you know in Dueteronomy 17:18-19, it tells how when the King took the throne, he was to copy the law so he would know to love and fear the Lord and that he would also know what to do and what not to do!

I think this is great for the kids to do and helps them really
 get God's word into their minds as they copy it. 

 I love watching how focused each child is as they
painstakingly write each word down.

Keith wrote a few letters in his book last night
and then drew some green flowers.   Beautiful!
In May, at the end of our Adventure year, they will each have copied
 the whole book of Jonah and I hope the books will become a keepsake to each of them!  I love teaching the kids how precious God's Word is and how important every Word is!

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