Sunday, October 9, 2016

Couples Date Night

Last night was Married Couples Date Night and we had so much fun! 
We started out with a Photo scavenger hunt around town.  We put together two couples for each team and away they went to find the crazy and fun things on the list and be back within 60 minutes!

Everyone on a dock......

Your team stopping to have a snack......

Two items in one picture, a train and also graffiti.........

A Memorial and a Bible verse...........

A place you don't want to go........
The letter Z........
It was a photo finish getting back to the church with everyone laughing
and running into the building before our time was up.
 (Our team was one minute late!!!)  There were 40 items on the list and although no one got them all, everyone had so much fun!  After we got back to the church we had a slide show of the photo's and laughed and shared our experiences taking the pictures! 

We then went to the Tortilla Factory and continued to laugh and fellowship. 
It really was a great night of fun and everyone was asking when we are going to  have the next Photo Scavenger Hunt!  Going to have to put this on our yearly schedule of activities!


  1. Kurtis N Heatherrose, This looks like a fun idea for the youth group to do!

  2. Oops! SOrry! I thought that was going to go to facebook! It's a great idea for any group. I enjoy your blog very much! Thank you for your transparency, your joys, everything!

  3. Thank you Jen! We have done this for our youth too and they have loved it! With our youth we have turned it more missions related and make them find a "guy in a cowboy hat", "a baker", "a lady walking a dog", "someone in A Bronchos jersey", ect..... and they get a picture with that person as they have them a tract or invite to church. The teens have gotten some amazing pictures! Hope you all can adjust it for your youth group! Have fun!