Thursday, September 1, 2016

September Goals

Time is going so fast and it's hard to believe it's September already!  Today I sat down and made my new daily goal list for the month.  I love my goal list and love how it helps me to stay on track of where I want to grow and change and also just something's I need a push to get done. 
I have had and followed my daily goal list for three years and this past May I decided I was tired of following it and just wanted a break. This summer I have been so busy that I didn't do many of things that I feel help me grow spiritually each day and help me be a better wife and pastor's wife.  Also the whole summer went by without me spending anytime crafting, trying new recipes from Pinterest or learning to handletter.  Things I enjoy but I get too busy to fit them in my schedule!  I truly missed my daily goal list and am excited to get back on schedule with it. 

I am keeping Colossians 3 close in my thoughts as I have promised God to live daily by these Words this year.  For my morning Bible Study I am taking the verse apart word by word and really digging deep into what God is saying.  I have been totally convicted in the first two verses and am examining my life as per how much time I spend pursuing the things of God versus the things of the world.  My affections need to more on God, His Word and spreading the love of Christ instead of checking my phone or Facebook so often!  I have been convicted and challenged with several other things in Colossians 3 and will share them soon in another post!

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