Friday, September 2, 2016

My Veiw Today

Seemed like I drove a lot today and this was my view all day. 
I had to take a lady to an appointment, another lady and I went on visitation and there were several church errands I ran around town doing.  Not glamourous but what my day of ministry consisted of.

When I got home late this afternoon I argued with myself because I did not want to go for my run!  I usually go right in the morning after my Bible study but was too busy today!  I tried to use every excuse I could but in the end felt guilty as I had promised God this new commitment of running every other day for the next year.  I was dragging but I ran my miles and feel so much better because I did!  Not because I ran but because I kept my promise to God!  One week down and only 51 weeks left of running three times a week!!!

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