Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jonah Mural

Less than two weeks until the new year of Bible Adventures
 starts and there is still so much to do!
Today we worked on our Jonah Mural.  On half of the wall I wanted to do a storyboard on the Book of Jonah and what we learn each week. 
First I taped up stencils and traced the stencils on the wall.

I then painted each letter with a dark blue.
I painted a double coat of paint on to make the letters bright and bold.

I think this it turned out cute and will be a great way to tell the story
and review each week's pictures.
On the other half of the wall we started the mural. 
We went online and found a picture of Jonah we liked and then
using the projector, Mason traced the picture on the wall.

He then worked on painting and then outlining the picture again in black.

I think it turned out fabulous and I think the kids will really like it. 
We still need to add a few things to the mural to make it more interactive
 but we made a lot of progress on it today!
This year, each child will be writing out the whole Book of Jonah. 
I found this pack of small, plain notebooks at Hobby Lobby.  
On the first night of class, each child will receive letter stickers
to spell out "Jonah" and their names on the front cover, along with a whale sticker. Again I think they look absolutely adorable!
Today I also ordered Joni, our new puppet and a few whale craft items
that we'll be using throughout the year.  I still have a hundred little things to finish but I am so excited to start Bible Adventures on September 7th! 
I really think this year will be one of our best years ever as we learn more about God through His Word and memorize verses that will help us
 as we trust, lean on and serve God in our daily lives! 

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