Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Four Years Today

Four years ago we went to the Denver Aquarium and tried to walk Saraina around enough that she would go into labor and have our first grandbaby!
It seemed fitting that four years later we took Keith back
to the aquarium to celebrate his fourth birthday!

I told him I wanted to take his birthday pictures
but he would not stand and smile!

He thought it was funny to make faces but I think he is adorable
 no matter what silly faces he gave me!

He excitedly carried his Papa's phone all over as he took pictures
of every fish he saw!  He loves photography and really
 takes some great pics for a 4 year old!
Keith loved the fish and several times just sat for the floor watching them.

Of course Tali's favorite movie right now is "Finding Nemo",
 and was totally enthralled with all the fish! 
After we finished, we ran around Denver to have lunch and shop but Keith kept reminding us he wanted to go home and eat his Minecraft cake!  Yes, yes, I think this was my Pinterest fail of the month!  Not quite what I was hoping it would turn out like, but it made a little four year old very happy!

Love this Little Man and am so excited to see him grow and change this year as he starts school, learns more about how much Jesus loves him and praying his vocabulary will grow and we will be able to understand everything he says! (Oh and that he will learn to pump his legs when he swings!)
Happy Birthday Keith!

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