Saturday, January 2, 2016

Saturday Fasting and Praying

This year I have purposed in my heart to fast every Saturday
and there are several reasons why. 
First I want to prepare myself for worship on Sunday.  By praying and reading and focusing my mind on Him the day before, I will be ready for God to touch my heart and mind through the singing and through the preaching of His Word.  We have all had those days when we went to church just because it's what we do on Sundays, because our family's expect us to, or simply because you are the Pastor's wife and are expected to be there!  I want more out of my Sunday worship this year.  I want to truly meet with God, truly sit at His feet and listen and learn and be touched by Him. 
Second I am fasting for our church and people.  My husband and I want
 this year to be a year of growth for our church.  We want to see visitors and salvation's and baptism's  We want to see our people faithful to church and leaving church refreshed and encouraged and challenged for the week.  We want to see our people grow in their relationships with God and in the grace and knowledge of Him. 
And of course I'm praying for my husband to be filled with the spirit as he preaches and that God will be glorified in all that is said and done.  I'm also praying for my husband to have wisdom and grace as he speaks with and counsel those looking for help that can only be found through God. 
So many things and people to pray for, I feel that I must spend the day fasting and praying for a wonderful Spirit filled Sunday! 

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