Sunday, January 3, 2016

Amazing Things

There are no other words to describe today other than amazing!
This young man came forward during the invitation.  He went back with an older man for counseling and when he came out of the counseling office 20 minutes later I asked him what happened.  With a hug smile and a glow on his face he said "Amazing things!".  God's salvation and forgiving grace is amazing and we are so excited that this man got saved today!
I also was brought to tears as I watched three older ladies in our church. 
I love these women dearly but they have a habit of sitting in the entry area and bickering.  Someone forgot their hearing aid and doesn't understand what was said, another doesn't like what's being said in the conversation, another lady gets irritated and fuels the fires with sharp angry words.  As I was getting ready for Sunday school I could hear a fight escalating and I ran out to intervene.  Before I could say anything I saw the lady who always stirs the fire with her words, reach over and grasp the lady's hand next to her and start to pray.  As she prayed you could see the other ladies relaxing and one by one they also prayed.  Within seconds the whole situation was diffused by focusing their hearts on prayer for whatever they were talking about. 
An absolutely amazing moment!
Before Sunday School I was also talking with the bus captain's wife
and she was saying how we have lost so many kids and are down to a handful on the bus. On of the ladies that was also standing there asked the bus captains wife to pick a Saturday and the lady and her husband would come out and visit and door knock and help recruit new kids.  I love it when people see the need and volunteer without the pastor asking! 
This was another amazing moment this morning!
I was also excited to see returning visitors today and not only did they return to visit, they brought new visitors with them!  God answered so many of my prayers that I prayed yesterday as I fasted for the church.  I stand in awe of everything that God did today and I can honestly say,
 the first Sunday of the year was absolutely amazing! 

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