Friday, July 3, 2015

Water Day

Water day!  The teens say this is the best activity of the summer
and one they wait all year for!
This year Mason had the idea to dig out the volleyball court and turn
it into a water area.  This was a lot of work but thankfully
 we had a couple of guys come help us!

Of course Keith was a great help too!

After the volleyball court was emptied of sand,
Mason lined it with a thick plastic sheet. 

We had to duct tape two sheets together to get the width we wanted. 

It took about four hours to fill it to shin deep water.  Keith helped fill it but thought it was more fun to chase Uncle Mason around with the hose!

The teens played Steal the Bacon, Jump Rope, Drip, Drip Drench,
Balloon pop and many other games. 

As the sun started going down we started a bonfire to warm the teens up as Pastor Mason preached an encouraging message on setting goals
to help us follow Christ in every area of our lives.
The teens roasted hot dogs and smore's for dinner and then stole my phone for some teen selfies!  Love these goofs!
As the we piled everyone in the van to head home the teens asked if we could do Water Day again next week as another year is too long to wait!


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