Monday, July 6, 2015

Denver and VBS Tricks

As we get ready for VBS in a few weeks we needed to run to Denver to the magic shop.  As the last few weeks have been non stop ministry it was nice to get away with my sweet love for some alone time! 
 There was construction was everywhere and we were detoured
 to areas we were not familiar with and thus became lost several times!  As we were running aimlessly around the city, trying to find our way to where we were going, we were snacking on Dove Dark Chocolate and laughed
when I read this.  "Get lost on purpose".  Getting lost was not pleasurable but it did add to our adventure today!

We finally got to the magic shop and found many of the ticks we needed.  Each trick will help during either opening rally or closing time and can be used to explain the gospel or an element of the Bible story that was told that day.
My favorite trick is, even though it's one of the simplest is the multiplying rabbits.  After all what did God tell man and animals to do in the beginning?

I am amazed every time Mason does this trick even though I know the secret!
We did not want to waste a trip to Denver so my sweet husband
took me to my favorite place, Lifeway Christian Store!  He saw this bracelet as soon as we walked in the door and knowing I love both bracelets and crosses, he sweetly bought it for me.  We spent our time wandering
the aisles and buying a couple of books and movies and so enjoyed some quiet time without rushing about.
We had an early dinner at the food court in the Park Meadow Mall which
is our favorite mall in Denver.  We both ordered our favorite foods and sat and talked and laughed as we ate and relaxed.  We really loved our time away and were sure to enjoy every minute as tomorrow we both have a list of things that needed to get worked on and prepared as we get ready for our summer revival , Frontier Days, and VBS all within the next few weeks!

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