Saturday, January 3, 2015

O Taste and See

I was able to finish the banner for church today! 
My sweet husband helped me hang it up and said how he thought it turned out so well.  I think it could have been much better but not bad
for only having a couple of days to make it!

Today as we were cleaning I heard my husband singing "Wiggle Worm" today as he was cleaning the younger kids Sunday School room.  He loves to sing as we clean the church and I think it's so funny that he sings songs
that fit the age group of the classroom he's cleaning.

One thing I am always scrubbing on is the church drinking fountain.  Last year I spent several hours scrubbing all the hard water off of it but when someone took over the cleaning the church I didn't think of the fountain again. 
When we started cleaning the church again a few months ago I noticed that the hard water had returned.  I have scrubbed and scrubbed
but the hard water just has not wanted to come off!
When I was at the Dollar Tree this week I saw they had LA Totally Awesome for Rust, Lime and Calcuim.  I love LA Totally Aweome!  For a cheap dollar store cleaner this stuff is amazing!  When my brothers cat walked
 through the used car oil that was sitting in his garage and then came in the house (Unbeknownest to him!) and walked all over the white carpet
and white couch, he was so upset!  He tried everything to get it out but nothing worked until he used the regular LA Totally Awesome cleaner
and all the oil prints came right out of the carpet!  I sprayed this on the fountain and scrubbed it with a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser and all the hard water came off within a few minutes!  Going to keep a bottle of this
in the cleaning closet at all times from now on.! 

My husband and I went shopping today as I needed a few things
 for my secret sister gift tomorrow and while we were out I saw a package of mushrooms.  Since I pinned a recipe on Pinterest for Glazed Garlic Mushrooms I decided to buy them and make them tonight. 
They were good but just not as buttery and garlicy as I was thinking they were going to be.  Not sure if it's one I'll make again.
I can not believe it's Sunday again tomorrow!  Looking forward to another great day of worshipping God with our church family!

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  1. I'll have to look for the cleaner the next time I'm in Miles City. Our water here is horrible, no matter what I scrub with the rings around the tub and toilet never fade. Thanks for the recommendation.