Saturday, January 24, 2015

Iron Men

Today was our the first Iron Men meeting for our teen boys. 
 In Iron Men, the teen boys come and learn the Biblical definition of a man, what God expects out of each man and how to become that man by following God's Word.  Pastor Mason woke up with the flu this morning so Pastor Chep filled in for him.  Pastor Chep started with a lesson about God and used electricity as an example.  Electricity has boundaries and circuits it has to follow just as a man of God has boundaries and a certain path to follow.  If the boundaries and circuits are not followed in electricity, things will not work or an electrical fire can occur which causes damage and destruction.
  In parallel, when we don't follow God's boundaries and paths the same thing happens, sin causes damage and destruction to our lives.
Pastor Chep then taught the boys basics in electrical work.  They changed out the old light fixtures in the bathrooms and also several light switches and plugs that needed replaced.  The boys loved working on the electrical and gaining new skills.  Several of our boys do not have fathers and said they are so glad that they are being taught things like this that they don't have the chance to learn at home.  Of course I couldn't send them home without feeding them something so after all their hard work I made them a special chocolate marshmallow cake with mint icing. 
In the coming months the boys will continue to learn Biblical lessons on becoming a man of God and also learning plumbing, wilderness survival skills, woodworking, mechanics and much more!  We are praying that through this we will see the teens really get a hunger for God and His Word and see them standing out as a man that wants to follow God instead of the world.

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