Wednesday, January 14, 2015

A Different Kind of Devotion

We had a wonderful group of ladies for this months Ladies G.A.B. Night!  This month I had my devotion ready a month in advance but as the month moved on God changed my thoughts on what to bring the ladies so I wrote another devotion and then last week I wrote another devotion and then yesterday I felt God did not want me to give any of the devotions I had written.  I prayed and prayed and asked God what he wanted me to do and He showed me something totally different than I usually do.  One thing I have been running into on the internet and even talking to people is that there is coming a belief that if you think something but as long as you don't follow through and act on that thought, it is not a sin.  I presented this thought to the ladies and asked what they thought about it and told them they needed Bible verses to back up and show what they believed and why.  It turned into a fantastic discussion with many, many Bible verses and stories being used to show that our thoughts can be and are sinful even without acting on those thoughts, and that we need to bring every thought under the captivity of Christ and into obedience to him.  The ladies loved digging deep into their Bibles and being challenged to show out of scripture what they believe. 
This may be a different kind of devotion I use in the future!

Of course we had so much fun and laughter as we ate and talked.  Of course Little Miss got passed around and she loved every bit of attention!

For our craft we worked on some new decorations for Valentines Day. 
Our main goal was to get a couple of wreaths and wall hangings done. 
We did not get the wreaths finished so it will be a project for later.

For the wall hangings, we cut foam board into the sizes we wanted and covered them with a red fabric.  Nothing with too much design or too girly of colors as these will be hung on the sides of the sanctuary. 

I still need to finish putting raffia on the boards so we can hang them but they turned out really cute for being such an easy and simple craft!
I just Love our Ladies G.A.B. Nights!

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