Friday, August 15, 2014

Will You Please Cook for Me

Tonight was water night with the teens and they had a blast!

They ran and slipped and slid and wrestled in the water and by the time
they were done they were soaking from head to toe!

I had made a couple of crockpots full of hot soup to warm them up
because I knew they would be cold after all the water games.

The teens loved the soup and ate every drop!  One of the teens came up to me and told me how good the soup was and asked if I would come to their house and cook for them every night.  They said with their mom working, all they ate was frozen pizza and other stuff out of the freezer.  Sadly over the last few years a lot of the teens have said this to me.  With so many women working outside of the home now a days, women are too busy and tired to cook after a long day but kids and teenagers have growing bodies
that need the nutrition of a good, solid, home cooked meal every night. 
So sad to see this basic need not being met in so many kid's homes!

On Wednesday after church I treated my husband to a shake
at Sonic with a note telling him how thankful I am that he is always
so careful with his hygiene and appearance.

Last night I wrote him a note thanking him for being my rescuer!  I lost my keys inside the mall and although I walked around everywhere, I couldn't find them.  My husband dropped everything and came to give me the other set of keys to the van.  Right as he was pulling into the mall parking lot I found my keys at the wall office where someone had just turned them in. 
 My sweet husband was not mad that he came across town for nothing but just gave me a kiss and said he would meet me at home. 
I gave him a bottle of Tabasco because it is his must have for all meals. 
Cut my husband open and he will bleed coffee and Tabasco sauce!

Tonight I gave him a shirt to wear on his birthday next week and gave him a card and told him how much I love that he is so compassionate.  He is tender and caring and is helping when someone gets hurt, listens to their sad stories and just overall listens to people and lets them know he cares about them.  He is just such a sweet, sweet guy and I love him!

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