Wednesday, August 13, 2014


The flowerbed at the church entrance was looking very overgrown
 and undercared for.  One of our ladies sweetly offered to come and spruce it up and make it look better.  As she started pulling weeds and overgrowth she noticed a few bees start buzzing around her.  And then a few more.....
and a few more.......  She called me to come look and when
I stepped outside I got stung on my nose!

My husband and Mason went out to find where they were coming from and found them swarming from behind the panels on the church building.  Mason started pulling off the boards to see what was behind the panels. 

What a brave guy to put his head there!

Of course he soon ran into the church and shut the door as the bees came after him!  Notice the electric tennis racquet he has in his hand.  He used it often as he chased bees that were buzzing around his head!

This is what he found inside, bees and their hives buried in the insulation.

See the pod clusters?  Gross!

Chep, Mason and one of our teen boys pulled all the insulation
out from under the building and threw it in a bag.  They then doused the area with water and will keep dousing it down a couple of times a day for the next couple of weeks to make sure the bees have decided to build their hive else where!  Our teen did not get stung at all, mason only once and Chep got stung almost ten times!  Glad that task is over!
I am continuing to give Chep a note and gift each day this month.  After a long day out with the guys, shooting on the shooting range, I gave him a note saying I love how manly he is in all his thoughts, words, deeds and actions.  So glad I am not married to a guy who is feminine in any way!

I get Chep a tea every Sunday as he works in between services going over his message.   In this note I thanked him for preaching the Word of God. 
I truly think my husband is an excellent preacher and when I'm away at another church I really miss his preaching! 
He says the Swedish Fish are his favorite gift so far. 
He is such an easy guy to please!  He had been gone all day ministering
at the hospital, helping a church member in need, picking up kids for teen night and then helping our son fix his car.  I told him how much I appreciated him giving his time to others.
I gave him a new thanksgiving journal and told him he needed to write, Thank you God for not allowing me to be allergic to bees!  I wrote and told him how thankful I was to him for being faithful to me.  Staying by my side no matter what we've been through and staying faithful to our marriage.

Last night I gave him a new pack of socks because he goes through socks
so fast.  My dear husband is clean and will change socks several times
a day if his feet sweat at all.  I told him thank you for loving me no matter
if I was mean or grouchy or not just not being nice. 
Through thick and thin and all my moods he has loves me. 
I truly have such an awesome husband and I love telling him!



  1. Bees scare me. I was stung over 50 times by yellow jackets when I was cutting grass in junior high. The Lord really protected me as I did not have to go to the ER nor did I swell up. My sweet grandmother used all of her meat tenderizer on me that day. I try not to overreact around them but sometimes it's hard.

    1. That is so scary Lori! Praise God you are not allergic to bees! I think after that I would totally freak out if I saw a bee anywhere around me!