Friday, November 8, 2013

Get Out Of Town!

This was firmly told to us last month by the sweetest and oldest member of our congregation.  For Pastor Appreciation month she gave us a beautiful card and a note to use the contents for a hotel room and relaxing time away.  What a totally sweet and thoughtful gift!

My husband had been wanting to go a few hours north of here and check out some building supplies for the new building before it snowed so yesterday we packed up and headed out.  We had a wonderful, peaceful drive and laughed and talked and really enjoyed some alone time.  

After we checked into our hotel we headed to the Western Baptist Missions Warehouse where we met Doug and Robin Baker.  They are truly a wonderful couple who love the Lord and love helping anyone and everyone they can!  They showed us through their warehouse which was full of doors and windows and chairs and building materials that they get from people and churches back east and use to help small churches here in the west.  We went to dinner with Doug and Robin and their family and had a wonderful time fellowshipping, talking, and laughing, late into the night. 
This morning before we left town, I was able to meet in person, a lady I had known online for years.  Glenda and I are on a Baptist ladies message board together and through that we have shared a lot of laughs, some tears and countless prayer requests for each other.  She was as sweet in person as I had thought she was and I so enjoyed getting to know her better!
We headed home before noon as we had to be back to help
Mason with Teen Night.   Mason is doing such an awesome job with the teens and his message tonight was so sharp and clear and totally touched my heart and convicted me about several things.

Dinner tonight was outrageous and Mason had all the teens rolling on the floor with laughter before the night was over.  Although the teens were very reluctant for the night to end, I was so ready for them to head out so I could clean up and be able to get home myself.  Tomorrow is going to be another busy day filled with a funeral and preparations for Sunday so I am so thankful that God gave a us a night away to relax and refresh! 

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