Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A Note of Encouragement

One of the hardest things in the ministry is making decisions that will not only affect you and the church but the lives of other people.  Recently my husband was faced with this type of decision and he prayed and prayed and prayed for God's leading and guiding in this decision.  He talked to some very godly men, talked to the people of our church and then spent an evening on the phone talking to a very wise man who had trained my husband and mentored him in the ministry.  After weeks of prayer my husband made a very difficult decision that would deeply affect a few people but would be the best decision for our church. 
The weeks before and after the decision was made, were very stressful times and although we were leaning on God for strength during this time, there were still things that had to be done and organized and of course people in our church and even outside our church were affected.  That's why it was such encouragement to us when we received this in the mail this week.

A beautiful card from a very dear friend and fellow servant in the ministry.  Through the years we have served together, laughed and cried together and tried to encourage each other as we have both went through trying times in the ministry and with our families.  This friend knew exactly what was going with our church and situation and although he gave us no advice and did not tell us what he thought we should do, he simply kept calling us and texting us as he let us know he was praying for us.  As I said it was a beautiful card but the most touching part was what was on the inside. 

Although we knew this was the right decision for our church, it still was a very difficult one to make and one that we agonized over. Even after it was made we still wondered, what if we had not made this decision, what if we could have done it a different way, what if?  I can not quite explain how encouraged it made us feel when we saw the words "I Believe in you" circled and emphasized!  A Pastor may be the leader of the church but they have the same decisions to make, the same emotions and the same feelings of inadequacies that everyone else has.  Sometimes your Pastor needs words of reassurance that someone believes in them and what they are doing no matter what decision they have to make.  This simple card was such an encouraged to us during a time we really needed it! 
If your in the ministry, do you try to encourage your fellow servants in the Lord?  If your not in the ministry, do you let your Pastor know you support him and give him encouragement as he makes decisions and ministers to the sheep in his flock?   A word of encouragement from you can help brighten someone's day and help them through a trying and difficult time.
Write a note of encouragement today!

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