Friday, August 16, 2013

It's Over!

This week has been so busy and has gone so fast that I can't believe
 it's over already!  We had 64 kids and 31 teens throughout
the week for a total of 95!  It was really an amazing week
with 5 teens and several kids getting saved!
Last Night the teens VBS ended with a huge water fight and cookout. 
 I am always thankful every year for Valorie cooking
 for the mob of teens and helpers!
I tried to get a picture with all the teens after the water fight but they were scattered all over and would not hold still!

This week it was so fun seeing the kids dressed up for Jungle day
and Military dress up day.
The kids heard the rest of the missionary story today which was so exciting with bombs, and prison camps and men giving their lives for freedom.
The kids worked so hard on memorizing verses so they earn Bible Bucks.

All the memorizing was worth it when they got HUGE
 ice cream sundaes topped with everything!

Tonight's program and Award ceremony was fantastic
with over 44 kids and their parents!
The kids did great quoting their memory verses and singing their songs.
Everyone got a certificate for the great work
they did coming and memorizing.

JJ and Warren said the most verses all week!

And Andrew brought the most visitors!
At the end of the night we packed up everything and packed it for the evangelists to leave tomorrow.  I am so sad this week is over but also I am so looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow!

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