Friday, July 26, 2013

Celebrating 21

My very handsome and extremely funny son turned 21 today
and he is thrilled as he is finally of legal age to apply for his Concealed Weapon Permit.  I am thrilled as I have loved watching him grow into an amazing man of God and lead his family in that same way!
For his birthday, all he wanted to do was take a picnic to the park
 and enjoy the weather.  As we were leaving the house my husband commented how the wind was starting to pick up, when we got to the park the wind was really starting to blow and the clouds were turning dark.  A few minutes later the skies opened and nickel sized hail rained down.  We ended up running for the car and having our picnic at home!  As always, it doesn't matter what happens as we see the comedy in everything and we ended up laughing and enjoying every minute of our time together. 
Happy Birthday baby boy, I love you and am so excited
to see where God leads you in the next year.

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