Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What a Plate of Cookies can Say

On Saturday, several of our teens went to the Teen Quizzing that several churches in our area participate in.  Our teens were thrilled to come into 2nd place!  On the ride home they made plans to get together weekly and study so next month they could come in 1st!   

It was a busy day yesterday but I still managed to bake some cookies
 for the teens before they came over.  I put the plate in front
of the teens and told them I had made cookies for them.
 One teen looked shocked and said, "Really, you made cookies for me?".  I told him of course I did and offered him the plate. 
With a big smile on his face, he took several and shoved them in his mouth.  We had so much fun eating the cookies as the teens told me about what they had done during their day.

SheBear tried to talk the girls into sharing their cookies with her!

After the teens quickly gobbled the cookies down, I told the teens
I would make another special treat for them next Monday when they came to study.  One of the other boys looked at me and said,
"You love us, don't you?".   I told him I surely did love each of the them!

When I was younger, I remember my mom always had a plate
 of cookies or treats for us everyday when we we got home from school.
 She would sit at the table and talk with us about our day
as we ate our cookies and it always made me feel so loved. 
Since we homeschooled our kids, I never really had cookies waiting for my kids like that as we were always together and ate cookies right off the sheet as we baked them!  I had forgotten what a plate of cookies can say to kids and am so glad I baked them!

Of course Keith loved sitting with the teens
 and helping them eat cookies and learn verses too!

The teens practiced hard and we laughed as they raced to stand up first and got a lot of answers right and a lot of answers wrong.  I am excited to see how they will do next month, but until then there will be a big plate of cookies on my table every Monday night to let the teens know that
I love them and they are so special to me!

Have you made a plate of cookies for anyone lately?

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