Saturday, February 2, 2013

Change on the Horizon

This is our view of the eastern horizon from the back of our house. 
 There is a field and line of trees with the County Community College just on the other side.  It is so interesting to watch SheBear as she goes out everyday and carefully looks at the horizon.  If she see that the horizon looks normal she continues her morning trek around the yard and evidently back into the house.  If she sees anything on the horizon that has changed since the day before, anything out of place or out of the ordinary, she will sit outside and bark and bark and bark until the horizon returns to normal again or she becomes accustomed to the changes.  Last summer as the college some construction, you could see the arm and head of a crane sticking slightly over the trees.  SheBear went outside daily and barked and barked for hours and days at that crane.  She did not go anywhere else in the yard, she did none of her normal activity, she did nothing but bark at that crane.  As soon as the college finished that phase of the construction, the crane was moved and Shebear stopped barking.  SheBear does not like changes in her environment or schedule and gets very vocal when things are changed.
Recently we have been faced with a situation that will
change our lives in every way.  This change is still on the horizon but we can see it very clearly.  We are praying for God to direct every decision that needs to made in this and not let it overwhelm us, as it so easily could.  Today I told my husband what I was doing in anticipation of this change and he looked at me and told me that he felt I was handling it very well and I shared with him what God had shown me through SheBear.  You see, I saw Shebear outside today barking at a pile of dirt, (more construction), and I decided I was not going to "bark" at  the change I see on the horizon.  Talking about, it, whining about it, 
crying or complaining about the situation is not going to keep it from coming.  I can use this change to help me be a stronger Christian and develop better character and virtues in my life or I can let this change defeat me and make me bitter and angry.  I know this change will be a definite challenge but I am looking forward to it and to what
God has planned to do in my life through it.

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