Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Three Times a Day

Last November during Sunday School, my husband taught on how so often we give God lip service and not heart service.  How we always say we are going to do this or that, change this area or that area of our live and always promise we are going to spend more time with God praying or reading His Word but these are often empty promises, just lip service.  I was very convicted!  One of the things he talked about was how Daniel stopped everything he was doing three times a day and took time to worship the Lord with his whole heart.  I am very devoted to my morning devotion and prayer time and love spending that hour and a half with God before I start my day, but is that enough time to devote to God?  In 1 Thessalonians 5:17, God tells us to pray without ceasing which I try to do.  I pray as I clean the house, as I drive to the store and so forth, but how focused am I praying as there are a million little distractions around me as I go through the day?  It is not the same as shutting myself up in my room and getting on my knees before him.  I decided I needed to give more time to God and so I started having another personal devotion time at night before having devotion and prayer time with my husband. 
It has been amazing and I feel like I am learning and growing
 so much from this extra time or worship!

This year, as God has placed the word devotion on my heart, he has told me that spending time alone with him twice a day is not enough.  God told me he wanted me to be like Daniel and take time in the middle of my day to spend prayer and devotion time with him.  You would think this would be easy but this has been my biggest struggle this year!  I have found that it is so easy to start and end my day with God but to stop everything and spend even an half hour alone and totally focused with God in the middle of my busy day is a daily challenge to me!  As I was praying last week I was telling God my struggle and that I was just too busy...........instantly my heart felt like it had been sliced as I said those words.  I am too busy for God, I am too busy for my King, to give Him even a few more minutes of my day, the day He has given me.

My thoughts were turned to Psalm 116:16,
 O LORD, truly I am thy servant; I am thy servant, and the son of thine handmaid: thou hast loosed my bonds.
I ask myself, am I truly God's servant?  When He calls do I immediately stop everything and fall on my face before him?  Am I ready to serve Him always no matter how I am feeling physically or emotionally
that day?  Do I allow Him to make make every descion in my life
and direct me in every way or do I pick and choose what I feel I need His help in, His wisdom and direction in?  God has redeemed me from my sins and I owe everything to Him but how much do I truly give
Him of my life, of my time, of my devotion?

Day by day, as I study a heart of true devotion, God is revealing to me more and more that there are so many things in my life that I need to change in order to truly be His servant and to be truly devoted to Him.  My journey of learning true devotion continues............

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