Saturday, January 19, 2013

Another Day of............

.......digging.  Our men prayed and prayed that they would
be done digging after the rough year they had least year with broken water lines, replacing water and sewer lines and many, many other digging projects the year was full of.
Last night my husband noticed the church toilets were plugged
so he did everything he could to unplug them and getting them working.  This morning he and several men again tried everything but ended up calling the plumbing guys out.
The plumbing guys ran their snake down the sewer
but couldn't get past the blockage.

So of course the men then started to dig but with the ground
being frozen it was not going well. 
Thankfully one of our newer members works construction and ran to his work and brought back a backhoe!  Praise God!

They were able to dig the line easily and find the problem.

Frozen solid for several feet.

After breaking the line up, they put a new line in and filled the hole back in.  With the help of the backhoe they were able to finish just before it got dark outside.  Can not stop praising God for His goodness and mercy in helping the men finish this job in just a few hours!

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