Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Praising God for Another Salvation!

Today as I was praying for our church members,
God placed one lady specifically on my heart.  Although this lady has told me before that she is saved, God told me to ask her tonight if she truly knew she was saved and going to heaven. 
Before services started I asked Mrs. Judy if she knew for sure if she was going to heaven when she died.  She told me she knew she was, no doubt about it.  I asked her how she knew and she told me she had been a good person and tried to do what God wanted her to.  I told her that God would not allow her into heaven for being a "good person" and that was not the way one could be saved.  She looked at me shocked and asked me how could she go to heaven then.  I asked her if she wanted to talk to someone and see what the Bible says about being saved
and she said yes.  Since I had Bible Adventures tonight, I asked one of the other ladies to talk to her.
After services were over Mrs. Judy came up to me and with a huge smile
 told me that she had gotten saved and now she knew for sure
 she was going to heaven!  Praising God for His grace and mercy and saving this dear lady!

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