Thursday, October 4, 2012

It is Cold!

With it being in the 80's just two days ago, it was quite the shock to have a high of 40 degrees today!  Food Bank was this morning and as I went outside to get in the truck, I did an immediate turn around back into the house to get some warmer shoes, gloves and a hoodie.  Brrrrrr.......

I felt so sorry for the crew working on the roof today.  They said it was so cold touching the steel beams and the sheets of roofing!  We pumped them full of hot coffee all day to try and help keep them warm. They worked all day and got the roof finished just after the darkness set in.
A few of our men showed up to finish insulating the water line.

Brother Elmer worked so hard and I knew he was cold. 
I offered him some gloves and a hat as I told him I knew they didn't have this kind of weather in the Philippines.  He laughed and said no they didn't!  All the meetings he has scheduled this winter are here in the West so I told him he better start getting used to the cold because it was just going to get colder! He is looking forward to heading back to the Philippines in March.

The guys worked into the night but finally got it all done
and ready for inspection tomorrow.
My husband told me at about 4 this afternoon that we would have guys working so I hurried and tried to think of something warm for them for dinner and instantly thought of Garlic Tomato Soup.

I saw this the other day on another pastor's wife's blog, Ramblings from Reno, and thought it would be perfect for a chilly day.  It was so easy to make and so good. The guys loved it and they all ate several bowls before heading back out to the cold to finish the job.
So exciting everyday to see the progress on the building!

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