Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Again.....It's Shouting Time in Heaven!

On Monday I told you how God lead us to talk to a man about God and invite him to church.  He doesn't have a car so he called tonight and asked for us to pick him and his wife up, which we gladly, gladly did.
Vicki was so excited to see Chandler and his wife Nealy
and gave them a big hug!
After services Chandler asked to talk to Pastor and I talked to Nealy.  While we were talking I asked her if she knew she was saved, if she had ever asked Jesus into her heart.  She said she knew she was going to hell and and from there I was able to show her in the Bible how she could go to heaven.  She was crying and telling me all about why she shouldn't and couldn't ask Jesus into her life.  She cried some more and I told her she just needed to stop fighting and totally give herself to God.  She then bowed her head and prayed and asked God for forgiveness and gave her life to Him!  When she was done she looked up and said everything looked brighter and not so dark anymore!  All I could think was
"I was once was lost but now am found, was blind but now I see"
As I talked to Nealy, my husband talked to Chandler.  Chandler says he grew up in church but so many things happened when he was a teen that he turned away from god and his faith.  When he met us on Monday he was so excited to go to church and it was all he could think about for three days.  Today was his day off and he and his wife were fighting and bickering so he did what he always did when he was stressed, start drinking.  They went from bar to bar and all the while he watched the clock, thinking he he should go home so he could call us to get a ride to church.  As the time went on he kept fighting and fighting and telling himself he could go to church next week and it wouldn't matter.  As he was fighting he said God was talking to him and nudging him that he needed to go tonight.  He finally gave in and called us for a ride.  He and his wife bickered and argued even through services and he said he couldn't stop crying at what was being preached.  He felt an overwhelming urge to get up several times and run out of the church but he held his ground.  After talking to my husband for almost two hours, he with much weeping, rededicated his life to the Lord!  Amen, Amen, Amen!
Praising God for an amazing night!

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