Sunday, September 30, 2012

Terry Bison Ranch

What an amazing opportunity God gave our S.S. children today!
Last month after the last night of the summer F.R.O.G. program,
one of the little boys went with his grandma to the Terry Bison Ranch where his mom works at the restaurant there.  When he was there a man approached him and asked about his F.R.O.G. shirt and award he was wearing.  This young boy witnessed to the man and told him everything
they had learned about God that summer.
It turned out that this man was the owner of the ranch
and because of this boy's testimony, he invited all the S.S. kids
out to enjoy a day at the ranch!
After church this morning we fed the kids a lunch of hot dogs and chips,
and then we loaded everyone up on the bus.

As soon as we got to the ranch we boarded this neat little train to take us
 out to were the bison where in the field.

This was Dan, our host and train driver!
As soon as the train started the kids saw all kinds of different animals.

These llama's looked so sad that we did not stop and feed them!

We had only gotten a little ways up the track when the train just totally stopped!  Luckily, our church bus driver is a mechanic and had
the train running again in just a few minutes!

They gave us these huge buckets of buffalo pellets and let the kids throw the pellets out the window at the buffalo and other animals.

The kids loved the buffalo and fed them and fed them and fed them!
Afterward we headed to the playground where they had several rides for the kids.  Of course on the way Mr. Chandler found a snake,
he always finds a snake on our outings!

The kids all piled on the merry-go-round as Mr. Mason pushed.

Everyone loved the pony rides and carnival rides.

After a very long but fun afternoon we loaded up the bus and headed home.  We praise God for giving our kids this awesome opportunity through the witnessing of one of your children!  God is so good!

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