Friday, August 24, 2012

Marker + Wall + Paint = Headache!!

First thing this morning, after Bible Study and prayer,
we went to see our new little man.
He is simply adorable and so sweet! 
They got released this afternoon and are excited to be home and get settled.  I called all the ladies and arranged for dinner to be taken to them nightly for the next week.  What a big help it is not to have to worry about fixing dinner for your family but simply concentrating on loving your new little one!
After we left the hospital we ran to Home Depot to get oil based primer.  Last year when I painted the castle walls for Bible Adventures, I outlined the castle bricks with black marker before painting them.  BIG mistake!!!

Yesterday I spent HOURS trying to paint the wall but no matter what I painted it with, no matter what color I painted it, the black marker bled through. First I painted the wall with white primer. The black still bled through. Then I painted gray over the lines and the black still bled through.

Then I just went wild and painted the wall every color I could find
 in the church shed.  I thought I had finally covered the lines but this morning, this is how it looked.  It bled through again!

I went online and searched for a solution and found that the only way
 to cover marker is with an oil based primer, so we bought Kiltz oil based primer and it covered those ugly black lines perfectly!
I painted the wall 'electrifying lime" and let me tell you, it is bright!  My husband could not look at the wall straight on because it is so bright!  I love the color because it fits this years theme and it will look great after we get everything else painted on the wall.
While I was painting the wall,
my husband was taking the forms off the front step to the parsonage. 

The front step was falling apart when we moved in two years ago. 
It was crumbling and had huge craters all over the surface, very uneven.  When they poured the foundation for the new church building, they brought some cement over to the house and poured a new step. 
It looks awesome and feels wonderful and totally flat and smooth. 
Love it!

The power and gas company came out today also and totally dug up the lawn  all the way to the street.  The gas line we had was not big enough to support the new furnace we will be putting in the new building, so they took  the old line out and put new line in.
For dinner we went to Outback with a young military couple from our church.  The lady was saved just a few weeks before we got here two years ago and the man got saved last year.  We have watched them grow, mature and change their lives over the last year as they have come to church and learned more and more about God.  They received orders to Florida and will be leaving in a month and we are so sad to see them go!
Of course, before we came home for the night we stopped
 by Chandler and Saraina's and loved and cuddled our little man. 
What a wonderful end to a long busy day!

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