Wednesday, August 1, 2012


While we are on break from Bible Adventures, Miss Nel has been doing a summer program called F.R.O.G.S using the acrostic of Fully Rely On God.  The kids are having an awesome time and learning so much!

I think they have the cutest shirts! 
We found shirts at Hobby Lobby for just a couple of dollars
 and bought inkjet printable T-shirt transfers on which we printed frogs and the class logo.

Each child has a lily pad on the wall and they get stickers on their lily pad for each verse they say, bringing their Bibles and attendance.

If they get 45 frogs by the summers end, then they get to go with
Miss Nel and Pastor and I to Fort Fun Amusement Center to play all day!

Each week they hear a story about trusting and relying on God,
learn memory verses and do a craft.  This week they made frogs out of little green cups.

They turned out so cute and the kids loved them!

Today I spent alot of time getting ready for our new year of Bible Adventures.  We start our praogram again the first Wednesday Night in September.  So excited but still have a lot to do to finish getting ready!

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