Sunday, July 29, 2012

Kids Sunday Night

We were so excited to have a family visit our church today
 that we had given a tract to and talked to on "Free Day"!  The mom grew up going to various churches and but now feels she is atheist, her kids loved Sundy School and Jr. Church and begged their mom to come back.  She talked to my husband after church and is sincerely searching for something and since her kids seemed to like it said that they would be back.  Please pray for Patricia as she truly needs salvation!

Tonight for evening services we had our young people lead and do the services.  It was so great to see our church's future leaders,
leading the music and sing and preach. 

Andrew, our youngest preacher boy, was a little nervous
but did an awesome job with a little encouragement from pastor.

Chris lead the music and also gave a sermon on God's love.

Andrew's sermon had everyone laughing as he described
the difference between creation and evolution and the crazy stuff scientists want us to believe.

Elisabeth and Victoria played a beautiful duet of "Day by Day".

 Ryan just joined the teen group this year but already has shown that he is a natural leader.  He challenged everyone to be the salt of the earth.

J.J. described what idols were and how we needed to avoid them
and put our focus on God and His Word.

The Corbin girls sang a beautiful song about salvation.

And Colin spoke on Colossians 3 and how we need to die to the world and seek those things above.  So many good messages and specials, I got so involved I forgot to get pictures of the other kids that also participated.  It went so well tonight my husband plans on doing this every time we have a fifth Sunday in a month.  Loved it!

Tonight we also had one of our missionary families, the Driskells drop by.  It was wonderful to see them and Bro. Driskell gave us an update on Camp Grace and all the work that is being done as they cleanup and start to rebuild from last month's forest fire.  It was so wonderful to see the joy of the Lord in them as rebuild camp from scratch and hear them share how God has guided them in so many ways and seen Him provide their every need.  God is so good, Amen! 

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