Friday, July 6, 2012

VBS - Day Four

To go with our missionary story, today was doctor/patient day and all the kids came dressed up as a badly injured patient or a doctor. 
The kids are so creative!

We had such fun with the missionary skit today as we learned how Doc Vic and Joan moved to Bangledesh and started their ministry there.  Doc Vic healed people physically and also witnessed to them and led them to Jesus Christ and thus helped them be healed spitirually too.

Mason is a huge help with everything and does whatever
needs to be done to help things run smoothly.  Whether it's listening to verses, doing the skit, chasing kids, finding lost items,
leading a child to Christ or even just being the garbage man,
Mason does it all!

Today was the rubber chicken race, and everyone sat so quietly on the sidelines watching and rooting the runners on.

We play games on the big lawn in front of the church.  Being that we live in Wyoming we find that there are cactus all through the lawn.  We are constantly going through the lawn and trying to uproot them but they keep coming back!  We thought we had searched the lawn well and removed all of them but it seems that we have had the kids find some.

Tonight was the end of the Teens VBS and a very special night because the teens get a huge waterfight and barbeque.  It had been so hot all day everyone was so looking forward to getting wet and cooling off but as soon as the kids got settled into the santuary for the Bible lesson, the skies clouded over and the rain came pouring down!

The lesson tonight was on obeying, respecting and listening to your parents wisdom.  Mr. Nathan pointed out that in Genesis 21:17-1, that God heard the voice of the lad Ishmael but spoke to his mother Hagar.  A very good seromn!  We had one teen saved tonight and many more pray and ask God to help them respect and obey their parents as they should.  We also had one teen get saved tonight!

The weather outside finally cleared and the teens were able to
go out and have some wet fun!

First with a few water ballon games and then a full out water fight! 
I tried to get pictures of the water fight but the kids were to fast for me and I seemed like an easy target standing in the middle of the chaos,
 so I took some after shots!

Essence didn"t want to get wet and didn't appreciate
 the hug from her brother!

While the kids were playing Valorie got cooking! 
A couple of times I looked over and the flames were shooting so high I was afraid she was going to burn off her eyebrows!  Valorie did great and the burgers and hot dogs were so yummy!

We had the West Coast Baptist singers driving through
 and needed a place to stay for the night, so they were able to help with the teens and also join in the fun.  After the water fight we asked them to sing us a couple of songs.  They were amazing and I wish they could have sang longer for us!

We also had our missionary to the Phillipines, AJ Gonzales and his friend Richard arrive in town tonight.  They will be preaching Sunday but they wanted to come and help with the last day of VBS. 

We have so many people visiting with us this week that it was
quite a task to find places for everyone to stay!  Finally after getting everyone to their night's lodging I too am ready to hit my pillow.  Tomorrow is our last morning of VBS and then tomorrow night is our program!    So excited to see what God has planned for tomorrow!

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