Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Skunk and Ladies G.A.B Night

I woke up this morning when my husband (who gets up MUCH earlier than me!) came into the bedroom leaned over me and said "smell me".  I took my nose out from under the covers and put it right back!  My dear sweet husband smelled like he had been sprayed by a skunk!  Turns out he had gone over to the church to study and as he crossed the yard, he thought it smelled like a skunk had sprayed somewhere.  As he sat in his office, he was surprised that it smelled worse in the church than it had outside.  Turns out a skunk had dug it's way under the church and for some reason sprayed.  The church stinks so bad that you can not go in it without smelling like you got sprayed yourself.  As Chep showered I took his clothes and washed them in hydrogen peroxide.  Chep then called the insurance company to see what they could do.  As he was waiting for a call back from the insurance adjuster, he got a call from the food bank wondering where he was, as today was drop off day and our order was ready to pick up.  As Chep ran across town I began calling all the church people to ask them to pray and also to tell them that Ladies G.A.B Night tonight and church tomorrow would be held in the church parsonage.   After getting the calling done, I began feverishly cleaning and rearranging to fit all the ladies in the living room.  Chep got home and since we could not go in the church because of the hideous smell, we unloaded the food bank items in our bedroom.  During this time God impressed on my heart to change the devotion for the Ladies Night so after cleaning, I studied and wrote a new devotion - Does Your Attitude Stink.  As my husband was out talking to the restoration guy about what could be done in the church, I ran to Hobby Lobby to get items for the craft, making smelly votives and also the door prize, a duster in the shape of a skunk.  I ran home with just enough time to throw some potatos in the oven for the potato bar we were having and to shower.  Our Ladies G.A.B Night turned out great!  The ladies loved the devotion and of course the food was good and it so so nice to sit and fellowship with everyone.  It was a long day and there are many things
that need done tomorrow but looking forward to seeing
 what the Lord has in store for us!

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