Monday, March 7, 2011

Full Weekend

What a full weekend it has been! Our Bus Captain was out of town this weekend, so as I was busy at the church office doing paperwork, Chep and Mason went out on bus visitation.  Chep loved the chance to go and visit with all the parents and encourage the kids to be in church on Sunday.  At our last church, Chep ran the bus ministry himself and got a chance to talk with the kids every week and he has really missed it.  Our Bus captains are amazing and do a great job and the kids love them.

Saturday Night all the church families got together for a game night.  We had an awesome time playing games and just talking and fellowshipping together.  Of course there was a lot of yummy food to go with all the fun!  The guys found them a table and played a long battle of R.I.S.K.. 

There was a lot of competition as the men battled it out before Bruce walked away with the victory.  I hear there is another R.I.S.K. competition being planned for next month.

Jr. Church is still a challenge to me every week.  I have no problem teaching the older kids but the Pre-K and Kindergarten are definitely a learning experience for me.  So much energy and excitement, that I have to have many activities planned that go with my story, because if I have any spare time left my class just goes wild!.  Many of the teachers let the kids go outside and play after the story and craft if the service is still not over.  I do not like to do that because we only have a few precious hours with these kids to get as much Bible into them as we can.  Also, one godly lady who taught Sunday School for many years told me, the kids will always the remember most the last thing they hear before they leave the room. I want the last thing they they hear to be about God and Jesus and not that about a dispute on the playground.

After we sang Bible songs, the kids hunted around the room for puzzles pieces.  I explained to them that as we grow in Christ we have to hunt and search God's Word for the many, many treasures that are in there.
For the puzzle I took our color sheet that we would be coloring after the story and glued it to poster board and cut it into many pieces.  The kids loved it and were so good and quiet as they waited for their turn to go hunt for a piece and put it up.  After the story of Jesus in the Temple, I then gave the kids all a page to color.

I thought I had done well in planning but the service lasted an extra half an hour and I ran out of activites but I am planning this week to have a few extra activities on hand to use the next time services last longer than expected.

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