Monday, March 21, 2011

Our Mentor and Friend

This weekend has been so exciting for us as we had
Pastor Mike Pinson visiting with us.

While we were in Germany, a man in Chep's unit invited us to a revival at his church.  We went that first night and went back again the next night.  It was a wonderful meeting and my husband and I, who had backslidden and fallen away from God, rededicated our lives to Christ.  The next two and a half years were some of the best years of our lives.  Pastor Pinson and his wonderful wife Tonda, took us under their wings and mentored us and taught us as we strived to change and live totally sold out lives for God.  Chep surrendered to preach under Pastor Pinson's ministry and he and his wife were a great source of encouragement to us as we set out to serve God with our hearts and lives.  In the past thirteen year we had lost contact with them and only talked to them by phone once or twice.  What a joy it has been to sit down and talk and fellowship with this man who has meant so much to us.  He preached our church services on Sunday and it was wonderful to hear him preach once again. 

For my little ones this Sunday we talked about witnessing and how God gave the great commission for us to go out and tell everyone the good news of the Gospel.  After the story we talked about where we can witness, who we can witness to and how we can witness.  We then gave all the kids a piece of paper and told them to draw a picture of who they wanted to witness to.  After everyone was done with their drawings, we had the kids come up one at a time and tell us about their pictures.

Nottia said when she goes out to play with her friend,
she will tell her friend about Jesus.

Tristine said he wanted to tell his Aunt Jessie.

Allan said he is going to go home and talk to his dad about God.

Ricky said he was going to go and tell all the military men about God.
(We live next to a Air Force base) We had 15 kids this Sunday and they all had such good answers and it was such a joy to listen to all of them.  Praying that each one of these little ones will continue to grow in the Lord and go and tell others what God is teaching them.

Miss Haley is my helper and she has been such a blessing to me.  She is so good with the little one kids and they all love her.  Thanks Haley!

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