Tuesday, March 22, 2011


It seems like we are always moving people and this week was no exception.  Saturday, one of our ladies got a new house and so we moved all her stuff in, that she had in storage for the last month.  Last night another lady called to say she had just gotten the keys to her new apartment and asked for help moving in.  My husband called several families and with all the men, ladies and children, we had her moved in, in a very short time.  The men in our church are awesome and will drop everything and come running when they find out someone needs help.  Both our ladies were so happy that there were so many people to help and they are so happy to be in their new new homes.  One of the men helping joked that the church should start their own moving company
and our motto should be -
Fellowship Baptist Church Movers,
Call the Pastor cause we move you faster!
 Hey, he might be on to something!

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