Monday, January 24, 2011

A Gift

A lady in our church gave me and my husband matching hoodies.
 They are so cute!

Praying that they'll be a witnessing tool for him!

This morning started out rough and made me think of this gift and the other gifts that God has given us.  God has given us all gifts and talents that he wants us to use for Him.  My husband says that one gift that God has given me is the gift of teaching children.  Telling stories and coming up with the activites and/or crafts to go with that story just comes natural to me.  I love teaching kids and gladly do it each week.  This morning when my husband told me one of the Jr. Teachers was stepping down from teaching he told me he needed me to take over the class for now.  I have to admit I had a grudging spirit and I thought to myself, but I already teach Sunday School, Jr. Church for the younger kids and Wednesday Night Bible Club, I really don't want to teach this too.  So as I opened my Bible this morning, I prayed and asked God to give me a nugget, something to help me to have the right spirit, the spirit He wanted me to have.  I started reading right at the place I just happened to flip my Bible open to - 1 Corinthians 12 and by the time I had read to the end of the chapter God had changed my heart.

Again I thought about the hoodie our friend gave me and how it is such a perfect gift because I am a hoodie girl.  I have several and would rather wear a hoodie than a t-shirt or sweater or coat.  This hoodie will be well worn because it's warm and fits me, my style and my personality so well, and I will wear it every chance I get.  The same thing with teaching, God gave me the gift of teaching and it fits me so well.  I love telling the kids about Jesus and His love and His salvation, I love teaching them how we can overcome the world just like all the Bible heroes when we listen, follow and obey God too, and I love doing activites and crafts with them to help them remember the truths we've learned!  I need to use my gift every opportunity I get.  Not everyone is a teacher but there are so many kids that need to hear the good news of Christ and His great love
 for them.  How could I ever pass up an opportunity to
teach these precious children about him! 

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