Friday, April 28, 2017

Birthday Dinner Hot Pot Style

It was Saraina's birthday yesterday and since we didn't have plans to go out and do anything special I wanted to do very special dinner.  My dad used to love doing Hot Pots as a family and I thought it was the perfect dinner!  So easy to put together but so good!  I used a big skillet to keep the chicken broth hot and wooden skewers to put the meat on.  We had chicken, pork, beef and of course shrimp.  Keith loved all the dipping sauces and had fun dipping the meat he made in them.
I also did a simple cheese fondue.  Tali is not a huge meat eater so she loved dipping the bread and hot dogs in the cheese.

Another favorite my dad cooked when we were kids was artichokes.  Saraina had never had artichokes before but she was such a good sport and tried eating it.  I don't she really liked them!
She tried to eat Keith to eat an artichoke piece too but he told her no!
I think dinner turned out great and of course it was so fun to just spend time together.
Happy Birthday Saraina!  We are so glad Chandler brought you into our family!  We love you! 


  1. Love you!!!! Thanks for the awesome dinner... except maybe the artichoke ������������

  2. I found your blog from Pinterest, and I am so glad that I did! Your blog is very inspiring! Look forward to seeing how your ministry grows even more! Z

    1. Thank you! I haven't updated my blog recently as summer is an extremely busy time for us but I will be back to posting soon!

  3. Such a sweet post! This reminded me of last get together we had with my parents. My mother baked cupcakes and cookies for us. My kids are planning to throw a party for my parents in one of the rental spaces for parties on their anniversary. Being with family is amazing.