Saturday, August 6, 2016

September is Almost Here!

As we finish our summer with VBS this week, I can't help but think that September is almost here and time for a new year of Bible Adventures! 
I am sad, as I am every year, to look at last years wall and think of painting over it.  Chandler did such a great job last year making a war scene with an awesome plane battle in the sky!  With Vacation Bible School this week and then heading back east for a week right after that, I knew that I wouldn't have much time to get the wall painted and prepped for the new adventure.
I decided that I needed to at least get the base coat of paint on
 and worked to get it done today.

This year's theme is "Hey Jonah!".  Although I really have not
totally finished planning out the wall, I painted the wall blue to go with a sea mural.  I'll work on it a little bit every day in the coming week in between morning VBS for the kids and evening VBS for the teens and hopefully will have a good chunk done before I go on vacation for a week.

One thing I love about writing my own curriculum every year, is that I can change what didn't work and add what I feel the kids need in order to understand better.  This year we are changing the way we do our verse memorization, I added a Bible activity centered around the story, and added a time when we will be working on writing out the whole book of Jonah.  We will be really going in depth learning about Jonah and will only be going through a verse every week.  How can I teach a whole story and lesson with just one verse?  There is so much in Jonah that can be pulled out of each verse.  The first week we will learn about who Jonah is, what a prophet is, how God speaks to us today and also learn how much God loves us that he talks to each of us individually!  That's a lot to cover in one week!
Looking forward to this year's Bible Adventure as we dive deep into the character and attributes of God that we see in the story of Jonah!

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