Wednesday, August 10, 2016

How Many Ways to Heaven?

One of the kid's favorite tricks during Vacation Bible School is "How Many Ways to Heaven".  No matter how many times Pastor Mason shows it to them, they still can't figure it out!   Pastor Mason does this trick after he has given a clear presentation of the gospel and salvation invitation 

Pastor Mason starts off by showing a big dominion with six dots on it and asks the kids, "Are there six ways to heaven?" to which the kids yell out, "No!"

He then flips it and show the other side with three dots and asks the kids, "Are there three ways to get to heaven?", again to which the kids yell "No!"

He flips it again and shows the other side where there are only
four dots now and asks "Are there four ways to get to Heaven?" 
Again the kids answer with a huge "No!"

He flips it one more time and tells the kids,
"That's right there is only one way to heaven!"  Of course many of the kids are just gasping in surprise and there are a few that think they know how he did it, telling him there are really five dots on one side and two dots on the other and he's just covering dots with his hand. 

They are shocked when he flips it one more and there are really six dots! 

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