Saturday, January 30, 2016

Time Away

Monday the 25th was our 24th Anniversary and to celebrate we took a trip to Santa Fe, New Mexico. The road trip, along with the last 24  years have definitely been an adventure.  He is crazy and silly and I am totally the opposite and serious, but we balance each other out perfectly! 

We enjoyed our time in Santa Fe and spent time talking and praying, studying our Bibles and just totally enjoying each other.  Although it was cold there, we still were able to go walk the Plaza and enjoy the culture and artwork of that beautiful city.  It seems like our week came to an end way too soon and we were headed back home!

We arrived home to two little people so excited to see their Pappa and Amma!  Chandler and Saraina were at the church to help with the teens, so we were able to hug on and cuddle our babies who we missed so much!
I wish I could tell you that our time in Santa Fe was uninterrupted by ministry but as you know ministry is 24 hours no matter where you go.  Several pressing issues came up while we were gone and my husband was thankful that he had time to thoroughly pray them through before he came home to handle them. After a few cuddles with grandbabies my husband was off and running and trying to see all the people who needed his attention after being gone for a week.  This morning before he started running again, we prayed and asked God to give us the right hearts and attitudes today as we served Him, for without Him leading and guiding us we can make a total mess of things!
Love time away but so happy to be back and looking forward to loving and serving in the place God has called us to.

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