Monday, February 16, 2015

A Run Away Week

This morning I am sitting here, no makeup, hair in pulled in a pony tail and wearing an old pair of comfy clothes.  I told my husband I will not be leaving the house or doing anything, unless of course, that God says otherwise!  Last week was totally filled with so many things and I felt like I never sat down for more than five minutes!
On Monday I ran around town with Mason as he got ready to do a special teen game night for a few of his teens who had done all their Sunday School homework and had perfect attendance for the last three months.  I cooked sticky fingers for them as they laughed and had an awesome time.  My husband spent the day at the hospital ministering to one our ladies and her family as she had surgery.  He got home just in time for us to run to a birthday party for another of our church members.
I spent Tuesday we had food bank come in, so spent the morning setting out food and helping and ministering to those who came by for food pick up.  I then had to finish getting everything ready or our Ladies G.A.B. Night.  Chep helped me cut wood blocks for the craft and then I shopped for a few supplies for our craft and ingredients for the finger food I made.  Also put the finishing touches on my devotion.   I taught on the Barchart Gardens and how Jenny Barchart had a vision to transform an ugly limestone quarry into one of the most beautiful gardens in the world.  God wants us each to transform our lives from ugly barrenness to a beautiful fruitful garden!

For our craft we took the blocks of wood and painted them as books with the Bible names on the side.  One our Sunday School teachers is teaching her kids the Books of the Bible and will play games and review with these as her class learns and memorizes.
Wednesday, after I had spent the whole morning preparing for Bible Adventures and then sent the puppet skit and Bible story pictures to the printer.  My husband called from the church saying the stuff I had sent to the printer had not printed as the printed had broken down.  Since our copier guy could no come until the next day I was left with totally redoing what I had planned.  I ended up running to the store and getting supplies to act out our story and the Bible lesson I was trying to teach.  It seems like everyone fed their kids sugar before bringing them to Bible Adventures and the kids were bouncing off the walls with hyperness!   I must say I was very relieved when the night was over! 
Thursday I had a couple of doctor appointments and afterward my husband and I went shopping for candy and gifts for our Couples Valentine Banquet and Titus girls. We then made up candy boxes to set on each table for the banquet.

Did I ever mention that our dogs have separation anxiety?  Badly!!!  They hate when they know we are at church and can hear us singing but can't get to us.  Often when they really get upset they will eat things, like all the cushions of my chairs!  We went a week without cushions but since I knew we had missionaries coming over for lunch on Sunday I thought I should spend my Friday morning getting new ones made.  I found fabric I loved and also bought the heap pillows at Walmart to use as the inside cushion.
I think I made them a couple of inches too short but they are not bad
 for a quick few hours of sewing!
Friday Night was our Valentine banquet and it was a blast. 
I tried to get more pictures but the room we were in was so dark that I had a hard time getting any that were not totally dark.  We had a skit, a couple of games and devotion and laughed and had great fellowship as we ate. 
On Saturday we had Titus girls and the girls learned how to make homemade Chicken and noodles.  The girls loved chopping all the veggies and learning how to make a
rich stock for the soup and learning how to make noodles.

Miss Nel taught a wonderful devotion on the world's definition
 of love and the Biblical definition of love.

For our craft we made Coca cola bouquets using a can of coke as the vase and attaching half a foam ball to the top and sticking candy in it.  Of course they loved this and their bouquets were totally full of candy!!!  I spent the rest of Saturday getting food prepped for after church on Sunday before heading to bed early!
With all the busyness of the week I forgot to do the Sunday bulletins!  My husband called me and asked me to come over to the office and get them done.  This put a rush on me as I was putting food in crockpots and getting myself ready but God guided my and helped me put the bulletin together within a short time.  Our Missionaries were the Martin Family to Montana.  Such a sweet couple and such a great burden they have for the small towns of the West.  We had a great time of fellowship with them as we shared lunch with them.
Although it was a great week last week, praying that this week will be slower!


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