Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Two Months and Sixteen Days.......

It sounds absolutely terrible but I am counting down the days
until the end of the year.  Earlier this year I shared a post about the promise I made God to hand out Just One More Tract everyday this year.  This has really pushed me out of my comfort zone as I have approached and talked to people and given them a tract.  I have left my warm cozy house on days it has been pouring rain and we have been under tornado warnings, a few days it has been freezing and snowing so hard, a couple of days I dragged myself out of bed as I was just too sick to get up and there have been those days I have just not wanted to go out and find someone to give a tract to,
but I have pushed myself and done it!
For the most part people have been so nice and smiled as I talked to them and then taken my tract.  A few have thrown it away as soon as they pass a trash can, one guy left it on the park bench and a small handful of people have told me no thank you and walked away from me.  It can be so discouraging to have someone refuse to take your tract but I simply say a pray for them and walk up to the next person I see.
Recently we had our fall revival and were out to lunch with our evangelist Micah Brackett and his wife.  We love this couple and always have such great fellowship with them!  As we were leaving the restaurant I noticed a teen girl with a gorgeous cross on her purse.  I walked up to her and told her I loved her purse and asked her what the cross meant to her.  She said she simply liked the design.  I then shared with her what the cross meant to me and gave her a tract.  She smiled and said thank you and we left to our car.  As we were pulling out, Brother Brackett noticed this girl and her friend at their car and he said he saw a wisp of smoke as he watched this girl and her friend go back in the restaurant.  He said "They just burned that tract.".  
I told him I didn't think they would do that,
 so he then jumped out of the car and took this picture.
I was shocked!  How could someone so young be so turned against God and the gospel!  I pray daily for this girl to hear the gospel again and to get saved and not to have to endure the fires of hell that are waiting
 for all those who do not accept His plan of salvation.
The next night we were out again with the Bracketts,
and I saw this young girl waiting for older sister to get off work.  I approached her sister and asked if I could give her little sister a tract.  She said yes and I approached the girl and told her a little of my testimony of going to church as a young girl and hearing the gospel and giving my life to Christ.  I gave her the tract and for the next ten minutes I watched as she read every word in that tract.  As we were leaving Brother Brackett invited both of the girls to church and although we haven't seen them at church yet, I pray that they too will have a chance to hear the gospel again and get saved.
Handing out a tract a day has definitely helped me become stronger in talking to people about the gospel and opened my eyes to really see the people around me more but I am still looking forward to being done with this promise!  Two Months and Sixteen days to go....

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