Friday, March 14, 2014

Don't They Know.......

Sunday Morning as I sat in Sunday School, I could not help but pray and thank God for another opportunity to be in church to worship Him and to be able to serve alongside my husband as we love and minister to the people God has given us.  So many people were shocked to see my husband in the pulpit Sunday after the health scare he had last week that so easily could have taken his life and after only getting out of the hospital the day before.  His answer to the many friends and family from all over the world that called him and told him to take it easy for at least for a week or two - "God has given me another chance to serve Him with my whole heart and life and I am going to take advantage of every minute!"  And thus far he has, as he has barely sat for a minute since he has gotten home!
I truly love the life God has given us and although we are always busy
and always running, there is nothing else in the world I would rather do.  
I love ministering to and listening to the hearts of our people and giving them encouragement from God's word.  I love praying with and for our people 
and I love seeing the power of God as he answers those prayers. 
I love singing songs with the kids and teaching them about the wonderful redeeming love of our God and Savior Jesus Christ.   I love my husband calling me into his office to show me a verse that has spoken to his heart or to listen to a song that has touched him.  I even love being in the
church building during the week and cleaning and straightening and
getting things ready for the next service. 
Several years ago I was back home in Idaho for a visit when I ran into one of my Sunday School teachers from when I was a teenager.  She asked me how I was and what I was doing and of course I told her all the wonderful things that God was doing in my life and how I busy doing this or that at church.  I will always remember her reply, "Aren't you doing anything else, not everything you do or say has to be about God.  You have to have a life away from church."  I was totally dumbfounded for a minute!  How could I possibly ever have a life away from church, a life separate from God when God makes me who I am, He is everything to me.  When people tell me I need to stop talking so much about God and not devote so much time to God and church, a line from a song I heard many years ago goes through my head over and over
that says -  "Don't they know, the true meaning of life is Jesus". 
God is my all in all and without Him I am nothing.
I am so thankful God has given me a husband that wants to use every moment he has to serve and minister to the One that saved us, the One that has redeemed us and the One that loves us with an everlasting love. 
 Thank You Lord Jesus!

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