Monday, November 11, 2013

Blueprints for the Temple

Yesterday in Jr. Church we continued learning about the Kings of Israel. 
We learned how David wanted to build a temple for God but that God would not allow him because he was man of war.  Although David would not see the temple built in his lifetime, God did allow David to collect all the materials needed to build the temple.  We talked about David and the people giving to God and how they gave with a willing heart and how we too should have a willing and giving heart to God and to others.
All week I could not think of a craft to go along with our story so at the last minute I pulled out big pieces of paper and had the kids draw blue prints of what they think the temple should have been like.

I was amazed at how concentrated the kids were as they
were designing  their blueprints.  They were so thoughtful as per what needed to go into their temples.  Every temple needed a special prayer room and a counseling room for someone to get saved of course.  They were so careful where they placed the bathroom and the nursery and made sure there was plenty of room in the courtyard.
It turned out to be a great craft and the kids really loved it.  I plan to hang their blueprints on the wall as we start learning about the life of Solomon next week.  Of course we will be talking more about the temple and how God designed it.   Of course I am sure they will be a little crushed to hear there was no phone booth, candy room or lunch room in the temple!

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