Friday, August 23, 2013

Little Man's First Birthday!

Today was Little Man's 1st Birthday!
We took him to the park for his party so we could do his birthday
photo shoot outside.  Little Man loves Cookie Monster so we themed
his whole party with the Big Blue Guy.
At first he did not want to sit and open his presents
but wanted to crawl all over the park and see the trees.
When he figured out there were toys inside the wrapped presents
 he eagerly tore off the wrapping paper.
 He got so many Cookie Monster's! Cookie Monster's to cuddle, Cookie Monster's that giggle and a Cookie Monster that eat cookies!
His favorite toy was not even a Cookie Monster but a dinosaur flashlight that roared and after he opened it, it was never out of his sight!

I made a Cookie Monster cake and was thrilled that it turned out so well!
Keith loved Cookie's mouth full of cookies!

Quite by accident, one of his Cookie Monster's
was sitting in the background of his cake shots.  I think it is was so cute!

Sharing his cookies with Poppa!
He ate the cookies and cake with his hands
and at the last decided he wanted a spoon!

We knew he was through when he noticed his hands were dirty!
We truly thank God for blessing us with Keith and we are praying
 that in the next year we have even more fun and laughs
 as we watch him grow and learn and we continue to tell him
about the One who loves him more than anything. 



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