Monday, July 22, 2013

Who Doesn't Love Bull Riding?

Chep left early this morning to go to the Capitol and talk to and invite people to a new Bible study he is starting on the grounds there.  This left me with some extra quiet time to study and pray and to also clean my much neglected house.  When Chep got home he said we were going to go run away for a little while and go to the rodeo.  Yeah!!!
Although we have been in Cheyenne for three years we have never been to the rodeo at Frontier Days and we were so excited to be able to today. 
It was absolutely awesome and we loved every minute of it. 
Saddle bronc riding and steer wrestling are a few of my favorites but I absolutely, absolutely love the bull riding!  The riders were great today and showed such skill and talent and gave some really great rides.
There was also an trick roper and rider that was amazing to watch.  
After the rodeo we walked around the fair grounds and decided not to waste money on any overpriced food there but called Little Man's parents and asked them to meet us for dinner

We headed to the Mongolian Grill and Little Man shared a bowl with me. 
He loved it and was smiling as he shoved more and more noodles in his mouth.  We got an emergency call during dinner so we kissed Little Man goodbye and we rushed off to offer encouragement and help to a family in need.  It seems our time at the rodeo was to be our only rest today as it seemed the evening again filled up with a few urgent phone calls and texts from our church people.  Another late night to bed but everything is worth it when you are doing it all for God and His people. 

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