Sunday, July 21, 2013

Cheyenne Frontier Days

Today was the start of Cheyenne Frontier Days. We braved the crowds early this morning and took the Brackett family to the CFD parade.
Kristy Brackett and Vickie waiting for the parade to start.
Our course because the main event of Frontier Days is the Rodeo, the parade was filled with horses.  We tried to count the number of horses in the parade but lost count as there were so many!
It was fun to see  all the old buggies and stages and the people
 dressed up in attire from the 1800's.

Keith was enthralled with all the horses!
The Bracketts asked us to take them to lunch at a place that said "Wyoming", so we took them to the Terry Bison Ranch.  Everyone at our table ordered everything from Buffalo Burgers to Buffalo Meatloaf to Buffalo Chili with cornbread!  Everyone loved the food and we left stuffed!
We then headed to Frontier Days and spent some time
looking though all the booths.  So many cool things from jewelry to
buffalo skins to cow horn chairs.

Chandler and Saraina took Keith to his first rodeo and bought him his first cowboy hat.  Now all he needs is a pair of cowboy boots!
We got home in the late afternoon and I rushed to get everything set up for everyone to enjoy the evenings stone soup and also cooked several dishes for the potluck tomorrow.
Mason and the rest of the camp staff also were in town enjoying Frontier Days and stopped by the church for a few minutes. 
Two weeks of camp left and Mason will be home!

To end our fun filled day we had another awesome night of Revival!  God is amazing and speaking to so many hearts during service!  Tomorrow promises to also be a very busy day but we are praying that we will contiue to see hearts touched, lives challenged and changed and praying for someone to get saved tomorrow!

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