Monday, May 6, 2013

Nerf Wars!

What a busy day we have had!  After a morning of running errands around town and getting a few things done at the church office we had to make a quick run to Denver.  I absolutely love Denver and could get lost shopping in all the amazing stores there!  Sadly we had no time to play around today as we had to get back before Teen Quizzing Practice. 
We have been trying to do an activity with the teens every Monday Night before we practice for Quizzing and tonight was Nerf War night.  The teens loved running around and playing the various games we set up for them.

I usually cook for the teens every Monday but because we were gone all day, we fed the teens pizza.  Keith loves pizza and was happy to eat with the teens.  After dinner we throughly went through Hebrews 9, reviewing and answering questions about each verse.  We only have two weeks left until the next quizzing and the teens still have a lot of memorizing and reviewing to do!
Even with a busy day I am trying to stay faithful to getting rid of all my clutter with the Clutter-Busting Challenge.  Today I got rid of two almost dead Easter Lily's, 8 magazines and a hot plate/warmer.  So glad to be getting rid of so much stuff I do not need!

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